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More Than Just Agility

BHAD’s First FAST CAT trial July 23 – 25 At Trap Pond State Park. A great success!





Jennifer Myer’s Malory Running Fast CAT


Kathy Dorsch’s Rocket earned his FCat title at the SMKC trial in Maradella Springs on March 28, 2021

Leah and Don Eicher’s TK.

Here’s TK. He earned his DCAT title on 3/28/2021 at the SMKC FastCat trial. Leah says it was wild and fun!

Besides Agility, Lisa Trippett’s dogs, Charlie, Jade and Asher, have been very busy and successful.


Here’s Charlie with his Obedience CD title with First Place







Next is Charlie with his Barn Hunt Open title with 1st place and a High in Class.






Charlie also competes in Rally. Here he is with a First Place ribbon.





And here he is with an Excellent Title in Rally



This is Jade. She earned titles and placements in Scent Work





Here she is working on the Buried Search in Scent Work




Here she is showing off her Barn Hunt 1st place and High in Class.






In Obedience, a First Place.







Lisa with Jade when she earned a 4th place and her CD title in Obedience


This is Asher with his RATCHX2 title







Here he is showing off his rat hunting skills.






And more





Here he poses with his first RATCX title







Below, on the left, Asher and Lisa show off Asher’s 1st place and high scoring in Rally. The picture on the right, Asher earned a 2nd place in Obedience and his CD (preferred) title.


Kathy’s Dorsch’s Rocket got his Rally Intermediate title on 2/26 with a second place at SMKC.

Rocket will be getting his FastCat title at SMKC the end of March.


Carolyn and Ari have been successful in their mission to have AKC allow 3 legged dogs compete in Virtual Obedience Beginner Novice and Novice.  Carolyn submitted Ari’s first course on March 1 when it became effective.

For more information on 3 legged dogs in competition, here’s a great article:


This is Ari. She belongs to BHAD member and instructor Carolyn Baynes, Ari has just earned her National Capital Therapy Dog Title.

The top picture to the left is Ari at 10 weeks old having just had her right leg amputated!






At 6 mos old she earned her Canine Good Citizen Title and AKC Star Puppy.







At 10 mos. Ari earned her Novice Trick Dog Title and at 11 mos she earned her Intermediate Trick Dog Title and passed all her evaluations to become Carolyn’s second National Capital Therapy Dog.

Carolyn proudly reports that “Nothing stops this puppy!!!”  LOL!!

This is Whimsy who belongs to BHAD Mary Lyde Esposito. Besides participating in Agility, Whimsy participates in Spaniels & Flushing Breeds Hunting Tests as well as Tracking, the sport version of search and rescue.

In this photo, Whimsy was training for her Spaniel Hunt test. She was finishing her water retrieve of 20 – 25 yards.

In Tracking, the dog uses his nose to track human scent. The tracks can either be in a field and woods environment or in an urban setting. The human part of the team must be able to recognize when his dog is truly on the scent or has just found something interesting to follow.

Whimsy also competes in Rally and is a Therapy dog too. A very busy dog!

For more information about Hunt or Tracking, check out the AKC website

This is Chayce, who belongs to BHAD Member Carolyn Baynes. Chayce’s job as a Therapy Dog is to help not only patients take their minds off their trouble for awhile, but also help reduce stress that hospital staff members feels thru their day by allowing them to pet him, play with him kiss and hug him. Chayce will willingly jump into a bed if the patient requests a bed visit and is cleared thru the nursing staff. All of this is accompanied by lots of smiles and squeals of joy as Chayce enters a room or a department.Therapy Dogs have become a integral  part of “Therapy” for patients and staff alike.  

We Vest Dogs in Delaware

Blue Heron Agility Dogs of Delaware has provided funding for protective dog vests for several local police departments and the Delaware State Police. The club’s goal is to have all canine partners in the community outfitted with the best equipment available.

For more information, contact Denise Jester at

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