Chivalyn Show Me the Money (KASH) – Mary Kimball

At the SMKC Rally trial on Friday, February 26, Kash qualified in Masters, Excellent B and Advanced B in both Trials, earning three Fourth Place rosettes and many prizes. Kash is awesome


Chivalyn Just Raisin’ A Little Kane  (KANE) – Norman Kimball

At the SMKC Rally trial on Friday, February 26, Kane and Norman achieved their Rally Excellent A title with a First Place. (Norman truly enjoys the insulated thermal coffee mug prize.)


Chivalyn Katch Me If You Kan (KWIK) – Mary Kimball

The SMKC trial on February 26, was the first time Kwik competed in a Rally trial. Kwik is 12 months old. In Trial 1, Kwik scored 95 and took Fourth Place. In Trial 2, Kwik scored 98 and took Third Place. Mary reports that she loves the “VERY FIRST Q” Rosette. She is so proud of her newest “K-Dog.”


This is Chayce, a 2yr old Chocolate Lab! Chayce started training BHAD Agility when he was 6 mos old. He learned the tricks of the trade through the Foundation class and took a break for a few months while he grew and matured.  Once he started back in Spring of 2018 he’s made great strides!  Chayce is also a National Capital Therapy Dog! He is a favorite at the local hospitals and loves putting smiles on people’s faces!
Chayce is owned by Carolyn Baynes 



From BHAD’s May Trial

This is Ziggy & he received his first standard novice Q & first JWW novice Q at this trial.  Not only did he Q in both he also received first place in both!  It was an amazing day for him!

Ziggy is owned by Lori Hansen


Chayce, Ziggy, and Toby

Three BHAD members, all three Labs, finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Novice Standard in BHAD’s May trail.Congratulations to: Chocolate Lab – Chayce, Carolyn Baynes, Black Lab – Ziggy, Lori Putt Hansen, Yellow Lab – Toby, Penny Denney.



Leah and Don Eicher,and Sandy Moody celebrated their agility successes with cake, cookies and other delights at BHAD’s May Trial. Thanks to Sandy for the beautiful cake. Congratulations to you all, and Reign, Sami, and Allie.



Sami and Allie

Sami closed out her career by completing her THIRD PACH! She and her teammate Don have earned numerous MACHS through the years, then after lowering her to preferred class they achieved three PACHS! Sami has worked very hard for Don (and saved him a few times out on the course!). She deserves the retirement years that lay ahead.






Allie, Leah’s poodle, has also scored big wins, achieving her THIRD MACH over the March 15th weekend. Allie will now move down to the preferred class and continue making Leah look good out on the course.

Owned by Don and Leah Eicher


MACH Delcrest’s Right As Reign, TQX, MF, CD, RE, Reign is a natural at anything she does.  She loves to train and loves to play.  She is one of the easiest dogs I have ever trained.

Owned by Sandy Moody


Harper is 6 years old and we are working on our Open Titles.  She is also preparing to enter Scentwork and Barn Hunt trials. In her spare time she enjoys walking, socializing, chasing geese and swimming.

Owned by Jennifer Cannon


This is Abigail, 7 year old German Shepherd. We began foundation training with Sandy Moody 3 years ago to help us bond. I stated I didn’t think I’d ever want to compete.. I continued training agility just for the fun of it. He we are 3 years later having a blast!! Abigail also enjoys camping at the beach..

Jennifer Myers (Abby’s human)


MACH 7 Delcrest’s Wild Rose Windekind.  One of the original BHAAD dogs, Rosie competed until the week before she turned 14.  Rosie was one special GSP, earning top GSP of the year and being invited for 6 years to the AKC Invitational. Rosie had a knack for understanding course flow and saved our Q’s many times when my handling was lacking.

Owned by Sandy Moody

Addie & Dragon

Addie is a 12 year old German Biewer Terrier who did agility when younger and achieved her Novice STD and JWW titles. She now is reading with Children at the Bethel Pre-school and helping adults lower their blood pressure at Peach Tree home for brain damaged adults.  She also has her Canine Good Citizen title.

Dragon is a 8 year old Black Pomeranian.  He is a breed Champion and has his Companion dog title in Obedience.  he is working on achieving his Open title. He also is reading with Children at the Bethel Pre-school and helping adults lower their blood pressure at Peach Tree home for brain damaged adults.

Both are owned and loved by Jerry Maiman


Spec is my dachshund that has taught me to be very patient.  He has thrilled me by facing his fears and earning his MACH after five years of trying. He has made me proud both in the Agility ring and in the Rally ring.

Owned by Carole Krivanich


Fenway is an 18 month old Cocker Spaniel. She torments her brother Tobi and is into everything and anything she can reach. She graduated from puppy class, foundation, and is training in agility. She received her first two titles last month, (Novice JWW and Novice FAST). She loves everyone and thinks everyone should love her as well.

Owned by Denise and Larry Jester


Tobi is a 15+ year old Cocker Spaniel. Tobi earned both his MACH and PACH in his younger years. He loves agility and still tries to jump and run. He loves his family and tolerates in new sister Fenway.

Owned by Denise and Larry Jester

We Vest Dogs in Delaware

Blue Heron Agility Dogs of Delaware has provided funding for protective dog vests for several local police departments and the Delaware State Police. The club’s goal is to have all canine partners in the community outfitted with the best equipment available.

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