Crumbs in My Pocket

by Mike Smith

January 2020

As we tumble along into a new decade, I have been thinking a
lot about the passage of time. Time is a dichotomy. It wears the
face of hope and opportunity. It also wears the face of loss and
decay. Time cuts to the bone with cruel determination. It also
refreshes and regenerates and heals. Time is a matter of
perspective. The more optimistic you are, the friendlier it
I have reached a stage in my life where some measure of
pessimism is in order. Instead, I am feeling increasingly
optimistic. I believe that my dog is at least partially responsible
for this. My dog is almost always optimistic. This may be
because she has little regard for the passage of time. Although
she has a keen memory and the ability to apply previous
experience to the current situation, she does not think about the
past as such. As far as I can tell, my dog does not have regrets
or hold resentments. Similarly, while she can anticipate future
events based on current activity, my dog does not spend time
worrying about the future. Instead, she is centered on the
present. My dog wakes up happy every morning. She goes to
bed happy every night. Living with her example, how could I
not feel more optimistic?
Entering the 2020’s, I will continue to think about the past and
plan for the future. However, I will also resolve to devote more
of my energy to the present, just like my dog. Just like my dog,
I will try to think less about the passage of time